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Date: December 16th 1917

[To: Mrs. E.K. Ramsey
Woodstock Apts.
Apt. B.
Tacoma, Wash.

Dec 16th 16th 1917

My Own Dear Mother,

At last I sit down to get another letter off to you. We are back again to our little village. I am so pleased Eve has written to Charlotte. She came down this afternoon and showed me the letter, and is answering it right away. She was very pleased. While we are here, I see her every day which is very nice indeed. And when we are not here she writes me three times a week. I cannot write so often, but I do my best. I received your parcel, and the money for which I thank you very much. The cigarettes were fine. Any time you feel like it I would not mind some more. Well mother dear the weather is now very cold. But as I told you before, it does not worry me at all as I got all prepared for it before hand. And as long as we stay where we are now, well it is next thing to being at home. As usual dear Mother my letter will be short. But I am in the very best of health. So remember me to Uncle Jack and Auntie. I hope Dad is keeping in the best of health. And ask Eve to keep on writing to C. because she will be able to tell you things that I cannot.

So good bye for just now.

Your Effectionate Son


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Original Scans