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Date: April 15th 1917

[To: Mrs. E.K. Ramsey
C/o Mr. J.R. Arkley
602 North E. St.
Tacoma, Wash.

April 15th/17

My Own Dear Mother,

You will think this a very funny letter, but it is the best I can do. I have not written to you for a long time, because I have not had the chance. We have been very busy lately. Well I have a piece of news which will surprise and please you. It may not come through, but I am going to try. This is the proposition. Another young fellow and myself are trying to get a commission in the flying Corps. This young fellow is one of the most deacent I have met and has been out here with us all the time and he & I have been very good friends he is three years older than me. Now as I said before this may not come through but we will do our best. I fell that if I succeed it will be very good for me both now and after the war. If my papers go through I first go through a course in France which lasts one month in which I make four trips up to see if I can stand it. Then I go to England for six months training, think of that. So Mother dear I hope you will be pleased but as I said before do not expect too much as my papers may not go through. They do not let everybody go you see as it is transfering into the Imperial Army. I do not know what the pay is exactly, but it is certainly quite a price more than what I am getting now. Well Mother dear I have no news for you. So please let me close now and I will write again soon. Lots of love and kisses to Dad, Eve and yourself.

Ever Your Loving Son

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