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Date: November 29th 1916

[To: Capt. E.C. Ramsey
Suite C.
Kellog Apts.]

Nov. 29th, 1916

My Dear Dad,

I promised to write you the day after I wrote Mother, and here I have not done so yet, and I received another letter from you yesterday. So while I have a chance this morning I will try to get you a few lines written. In your letter you said that while you had the opportunity you were writing me a letter which though it was only from you, you thought it would be acceptable. Now I am sure you could not mean that. Your letters are always more than acceptable. I suppose because you thought that, it is the reason why you do not write so often. But I cannot kick, between the three of you I receive regularly between two and three letters a week. And though of course I cannot answer them all, I write as often as I can. Because you see I have lots of other letters to write. As usual I have no news for you, everything is going along in just the same old way. I received Mother’s letter with the two little wool things in that they were selling for the Red Cross fund. The people in Tacoma must feel pretty good towards the soldiers. I have bought a lot of Xmas cards to send and I am so sorry that I cannot send you any. To-morrow I will try and write Mother a nice long letter. So will you excuse me if I close now, I have absolutly nothing to say. Give Mother and Eve a kiss for me. Hoping you are all keeping well. I am in the best of health myself.

Your Loving Son

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