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Date: September 15th 1916

Sept 15th 1916

My Own Dear Mother,

I am now waiting for the mail to come in, and if it brings me a letter from you it will perhaps help to make this one of mine a little longer. I do not expect one as it is less than a week since your last, but it will be very welcome if one does come. The weather here has taken on a very sudden change, it is still fine but very cold. Well how are you all keeping. I suppos by now you are in Tacoma having a good time well I hope you are. There is no news of any kind that I can give you, I am still keeping in the very best of health. It is a long time since you sent me any more pictures, I wish I had a good one of yourself, I have those small ones some of which are very good, but I’d like to have a postcard. I will have mine taken again pretty soon and send you one. Here comes the mail man, I wonder what he has for me. Two letters, one from you, and one from Eve, with a little note from her friend Ruth [Clure?]. You were asking in your letter what I thought I would like to do when I get back. Well, I have often thought about it. And what I think I would like best is stock raising – sheep or something like that. But when I get up there something may turn up to change my mind. One good thing I am still young a should be able to make a good start. Well there is still lots of time to talk about that. You say you have heard nothing about Donkin, neither have I, but he is alright or I would have heard from Gran or Madge. The Faquahsons still have the old gramaphone, but it is not like it used to be, it slows down then catches up again in the middle of a tune, a weak spring I suppose. Seeing that I got your two letters together I am sure Eve does not expect me to write her as well. I am sure if Eve wants a watch for her birthday so much I would be very pleased to get it for her, I would not chance sending one from here even if I could get it, so if she sees one she likes go ahead and get it, it will be the first time I have made her a descent present. And tell her to if she sees her friend again or writes to her, to thank her most sincerely for taking the trouble to write to me a short quaint but very sweet little letter which interested me very much especially the six small crosses which she said Eve put there. Well dear Mother I must close now as I have nothing else to say. So give my kindest regards to the Arkley’s. Hope Dad is well and also yourself.

Very best love to all

P.S. Eves pen nib is going on the bum.
P.P.S. How old is Eve’s friend.

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