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Date: August 25th 1916

Dear Winnie: –

I wrote you twice since I arrived here, I suppose you received the letters all right. I was up to London last week-end, was all through The Tower, over London Bridge, through The Abbey, St. Paul's, etc. In Madam Toussauds they have wax figures of prominent men, even to the late Sir Roger Casement. In one department are wax figures of well-known murderers, such as Crippin[. This place is called "The Chamber of Horrors". One of the principal places in the tower the guides draw attention to is the "Bloody Tower", where the two little princes were murdered. We had three days only in London but we had a good time. We were inspected yesterday by Sam Hughes & Mr Lloyd George. The inspection was of the 4th Division, of which we form a part. The 72nd 67th 47th are included in this Division. It may not be very long before we are in France. We had a practice with the gas masks the other day.

 The masks are simply two layers of flannette made in the shape of a hood and fit very loosely. They are soaked in some sort of chemical which prevents the gas from coming inside the helmet. There is a piece of tin to fit into the mouth for breathing out through. You have to breathe the air that is in the mask.

 All the address you need for me is name, number & Army P.O. London, Eng.


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