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Date: December 27th 1917
Little Wife
W. J. Wood

Letter 74

From 644539 – Pte. W. J. Wood, Virginia Water Camp C.F.C.

Surrey, England

To Mrs. W. J. Wood, Box 639, Midland, Ont. Can. Dec 27th 1916

My Dear Little Wife. The calendar says seven days have elapsed since I wrote to you last, but really it does not seem so long, or that I have anything new to mention. I have not written to Jain yet or visited his mother; too busy! Too busy – I celebrated our double evented date: our marriage and my inlistment by attending a dance. I celebrated Irene’s birthday in the same way. Xmas day by doing my work and the other fellow’s. Last Sunday the same way, with a little bit of etching both days to keep them from being the dullest days of my stay in England and the loneliest. Oh I almost forgot to mention that I helped the Princess – Alice, to wash up the cup, etc. in the canteen Sunday night: she washed and I dried them. That is getting on, is it not? but I do not expect to do so at the supper she is giving us on the 29th.

Lt. Read’s portrait, the one I did of him looks great in the frame he got me to order.

We have no snow to remind us that Xmas is here. The weather is slightly frosty at times and mostly bright and sunny. I do hope you and the kiddies are not suffering the rigours of which I remember only too well. Shut into a room or two and huddling from the terrible cold.

Indeed I hope Xmas has been brighter one in Canada than that which was enjoyed over here – almost on rations the people are not quite so cheerful and gay as they might be. My dear, you may imagine that I enjoy myself in the dance etc. over here. I do; but, a dance at home or here either, would have to pull hard to get me going if I had the glorious alternative of being cosy, comfy, at home with you. I did not find it necessary to get out somewhere at all costs in order to be happy with you, my pet. To be near you as you went about your duties; to hear and see and feel your presence, was happiness and will be again. That happy presence wove itself into the fabric of my pastimes: of my creations: of my hopes and fears and was always welcome and will be again, and is even now; in thought and spirit. Our life compared with others, in any caste or rank has been very beautiful: no novelist has or can portray a more satisfying love, without being untrue to nature, which is fatal presumption in an artist in any medium of expression.

The new O.C. is trying to get his former batman with him here. What he will do with me in that event remains yet to learn. Lt. Simpson is away from here now and Lt. Read is adjutant in his stead. So it is just possible that I might some day meet with a change even as others are doing but I am still here; “because I here” Well, darling, as work and sleep are both clamoring for indulgence, and I’ve no letter of yours at hand to answer I will close with Love and Hope for you all. From your Loving Hubby. W. J. Wood.

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