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Date: December 26th 1917
Mother & Father

London. 26.12.17.

Dear Mother & Father,-

Christmas is just passed and as far away as ever. I sincerely hope that you were both well and able to enjoy the festive season. No doubt you would feel somewhat alone but we all have that to combat with. Chas. & I have a real good time this Christmas, it is the best I have had in London.

We had a Christmas dinner with Mrs. Hardy and had some of the turkey. I won the raffle. It was real good. After dinner we went up to Mrs. Warners had tea played games had supper and had a game of cards. The Warners are a real nice family. They are seven girls. They had several other girls and fellows in. With the lot we really had the best time I have had since coming to London Chas. & I got home at 2.15 A.M. This morning. Now I hope you had a real good time.

I have had no mail from home for two months now what is the matter has not Mother been well now have her letter gone astray. I have been worrying and wondering about you because there has been no mail for so long.

I would like to be back in Canada for a good stake but instead I suppose I shall start to fly. I have heard nothing more but no doubt I shall go as soon as the first School opens. A fellow in Advances told me just before Christmas that I would not leave until the New Year so now I can look forward to going any time. How would you like to come for a fly with me. Mrs. Hardy wants me to stay and not go into the Flying Corps.

Would you believe the Mrs. Hardy had just walked in with a tray with Turkey, Vegetables, potatoes bread & Butter Christmas pudding tarts and Coffee. What do you think of it, just walk in for a minute for there is enough for two. I will leave this letter for a few minutes and eat my lunch while it is hot.


Dear Mother,-

I was just finishing my dinner that I spoke about when some friends called for me so as the Canadian mail does not close for a day or two I thought I could finish it last night.

Today Mother I received a letter from Leila telling me that she was called home and that she was leaving for home on the Friday. Now Mother please tell me what is the matter I want to know for I am away from you and can not come & see you.

I thought there must be something wrong because I did not get any letters. You always write and it is about two months now since I received your last letter.

Cheer up Mother and do your best. I know the war is troubling you but try and forget it to a certain extent that is what we all have to do. You do not see the real effects of war even after 3 ½ years of war. So cheer up and look forward to when it will all be over and we Shall all come home.

To Leila & Father:

Please write often and tell me how dear Mother is getting along. I wish I could come home to help cheer her but that you know is impossible so you will have to let me know by letter or cable.

I will close now hoping to hear from home in the next few days. I sincerely hope that it tells me the Mother is better.

From Your loving Son & Brother.


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