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Date: November 13th 1916
Folks at home

Welland. Nov.13.16.

Dear folks at home,

I received your letter the end of last week. Yes I received the under-skirt, put a tuck in it on Sat, and am wearing it to-day. No more white underskirts to iron now.

Can you send me Edgars’ new address? I would like to send him something for Christmas. And do you know Lorne’s and the other boy. If you do, you could send them to me. I got the Catalogue of gifts for Soldiers from Eaton’s and there are dandy ideas in it. You should get it by sending for it.

I received a letter from Leila and one from Alfred at noon. He was thinking of the boys going hunting. He had not seen the 157th yet.

Well Sat, we went for a ride in the car down to Lundy Lane near the Falls. And then we had 5 in to tag that night. The Joynes are leaving for California the end of this month. to enjoy the fortune they have made out of the Liquor Business in Welland. But believe me, I would not change places with Evelyn Joyne even though she just says the word and gets all the hats coats, watches etc. that she wants I always think what would she do if her mother and father lost all their money for she would be helpless.

It has been very cold to-day We had our first snow and the youngsters were crazy about it.

I’m not writing a very big letter because we have to get off to Guild and I want to send this to-night



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