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Date: February 16th 1917
Folks at home

London Feb 16/17

Dear Folks at home,-

(Father must have had quite a time at that public meeting that he told me about.)

I rec’d Father’s letter yesterday and was glad to her that he is feeling better that he has been on the last few months.

Well they are taking all the A men out of the office. There are nearly 500 back in camp now but there are still 304 left in the office now and we are all going back. We were told that we would be going back sometime in the next 6 weeks. They are now going to make us work from 9 a.m. until 7.0 p.m. & Saturday afternoons well if they did allow me to stay I could not stick these long hours. I have just given you this information so you wont be surprised. I will write as soon as I get word to go.

I will go back to camp and go on the first draft to France if they will let me. There is sure thing the food in France will be far superior to what you get here in camp.

Now Mother if you have a couple of pair of socks, you can send them so for I am afraid I shall need them when the time comes. You need not worry for I will be all OK I can stand what others have done when I get used to it again. I will send some photos home when ever I go.

I will close, with love. Alfred.

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Original Scans