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Date: December 2nd 1917
Mother & Father


Dear Mother & Father,-

Just had breakfast and came up here for a walk. Charlie is writing several letters so I thought I might as well do some writing too.

It is terribly cold today although the sun is out. You feel the cold over here so much more on account of the dampness. I was out to a foot-ball match at Fulham yesterday, it was the best I have seen in England since coming here. I would might rather see a game of hockey but as you know one has to be satisfied with what ever comes along. Well I have heard nothing more about leaving but I suppose I shall be leaving any time. As soon as I do you will hear about it in the first letter I can get off.

I was just saying to Charlie this morning that I would like to be back to Canada for Christmas how would you like me to drop in on Christmas morning for awhile. I would like nothing better myself. I suppose I shall have a good time in London if I am here.

I do not know if we shall be at Mrs. Hardy’s for Christmas but no matter where we are we can create some fun.

Stan has just finished his letters and wants to have lunch so perhaps I has better stop and have some too. I have several return letters to write.

These have been two houses raided last Tuesday night just across the road from where we live. Mrs. Hardy says that they were sentenced real heavy in Police court. I am so cold I can hardly write so will ring off but will add a little after lunch.

I have just had lunch and am going to write a few letters if I can gather enough news. Well I suppose you wander just what I do in the Offices here. Well we have had a change around and at present I have a sub division of my own. That is I am in charge of it. If I were a B man no doubt I would stay here and he given four stripes but they know I am going Our Captain wanted to know Saturday if I would like to stay and of course I said no because I have gone so far with my commission. He wants me to stay and has gone to the Chief Paymaster but he told him that as I was an “A” man I would have to get out sooner or later so he did not see why I should be stopped when it was my own desire to go into the Flying Corps.

How are you all getting along I hope you are all well and will be able to have a real good time at Christmas. Leila and Gladys expect to have their holidays in Calgary or Winnipeg I do not know which.

Aunt Emma will be there so I sincerely hope that you all enjoy yourselves. Well there seems to be little news to tell for the papers are very quick.

We have started to vote here. I think I will vote Monday or Tuesday. I really so not know who to vote for except that I vote for the Government and I do not really know if Ludhope is running for it. Perhaps I will find out later. We do not here a great deal about it ever here. If I do not hear by that time I will vote for the Government regardless of persons. That is our privilege we have here.

I will close wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year.

Your Loving Son



Three cheers for the present Government and Conscription.


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