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Date: March 19th 1918
Mother & All

Somewhere in Egypt


Dear Mother & All:

I have just finished my notes for today and now we have been down in the canteen and for some cakes, chocolate & Oranges. When they brought them in I started talking of course of the pies you used to make. I only wish I could have some of them here we could soon make them disappear. Our food here is not up to much, the bread seems like so much bran with sand & gravel in it. We have some of the funniest dishes put up to us here that I have ever seen and since joining up I have seen a few.

At present we have two Canadians one Englishman and a Scotchman in our tent. In all we are a happy bunch. We have some great arguments some times but as you know that is only natural.

I will stop here for tonight but will write some more later on.


I am going to continue this letter from day to day whenever I have time. We have so many notes * studies that it will difficult to have time to sit down & write letters.

We have just had breakfast and the Boys are cleaning up for parade. I dislike parade here as the weather is so hot and we have to parade still in the clothes we wore in England. It is really too hot for that sort of dress.

There is physical Training first thing in the morning then breakfast. After breakfast you have drill then two lectures & then dinner. After dinner we have a lecture then some more drill. Then you have tea and from that on you have an opportunity to write up your notes, read & study up what you have been doing throughout the day. If you do thing rights you have little time to yourself. Personally I am not going to run about a great deal until I have passed out the the cadet Course. It is about parade time so I will shut up for the present.

I have just been warned for guard so I will just have the opportunity of writing tomorrow. I will continue this letter day after tomorrow.


I could have continued this letter yesterday as I was picked as the cleanest man on guard. I so had the day off except that I attended lectures.

At present there are a bunch of Jippos walking just outside of our tent. They wear long frocks with a red skull hat on. From what I have seen of them they seem to be very unkind.

We have been here nearly two weeks now and have seven weeks work now before trying our examinations. With out any more instruction I feel confident of passing the exams as we had our full course at Hastings. Of course the explaining of it here only fix it more firmly in our minds.

I hope we soon get back in the state as the flies are too much to do around here, the heat is too much to be under canvas. I am sure I shall ne black by the time I get out of Egypt. I am sorry now I did not bring my camera from England, then I could have sent you a few pictures.

While our signal clans today I had two letter handed to me, one date 24/1/18 from Mother & Leila the other dated 27.1.18 from Father & Mother. I was indeed glad to receive them for I know now how mother is. I am also glad to receive Father’s letter for he always tells me the political news from in and around Midland.

I am sorry to hear that there are still people in Midland who have no use for the soldiers and so everything in their power to discourage & frustrate any measurements the Military Authorities take. I am sure it is for their own good. They should be the first to be conscripted and sent over to France to see the ins & outs of the army and also find out just what the Germans are doing. I would say put them on trial for aiding & abetting the enemy. Then shoot a few and perhaps the rest would keep quiet if they were not willing to help in the course. Politics have nothing to do with this war. Every man do his bit and he will both satisfy himself and his country.

Some people will say I have not done my bit well my promotion shows for itself.

I am going into the Flying Corps because I know I shall like it. Also I am fit and I think it is the duty of every man to work to the best of his ability. Our work here is hard at times considering the heat but we are preparing to take our place in the foremost branch of the British army of today. If everything goes right we should be flying about July 1st.

I am glad to hear that Uncle G. did well at Guelph send him my congratulations when you write next.

I have not received either parcel up to the present but perhaps they will come along sometime.

I will close hoping to hear from you again soon and that you are all well and having a good time.

With Love Alfred


Address Cadet A.F. Cook

C Squadron

3 Cadet Wing R.F.C.

Middle East Bde.

Egyptian E. Force.

P.S. I received $2.00 from the Women’s [?] of Riv society and am send my letter thanking them along with this letter.


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