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Date: March 31st 1945

March 31, 1945

Well, folks, I expect you have all been wondering where your wandering boy has been these last few weeks. Well, gang, the truth is, for security reasons I couldn’t write until a few days ago and then I was too busy. The last reason was a very lame one, I’ll admit, but I know you will forgive me when I explain.

I have just returned from nine days leave in England. It was wonderful to get back, believe me. Little Val is all I expected and more. She has eight teeth now and can scamper around like a scalded cat. Kay has her well trained though and she rarely cries at night. Kay herself wasn’t looking as well as I had hoped and has lost considerable weight, forty-six pounds to be exact. I think the buzz bombs are largely responsible and seem to have shaken her more than I had imagined. I heard some twenty or thirty when on leave, but all, with the exception of one, were quite distant.

When this leave started, I found myself well down on the list so I had one of the boys phone Kay and tell her the score. I was hoping I would get to England before her sailing notice arrived, but unfortunately, I was just a few days late. Kay cancelled her sailing so we could be together. However, I took Kay up to the C.M.H.Q. (Wives Bureau) and after I had explained the situation, the chap in charge assured me that Kay would go as soon as the first cancellation came through. This means than Kay should sail in ten days, at most.

The trip is very well organized at both ends, so the crossing shouldn’t be too difficult for her making such a long journey alone, but I feel it’s the best thing. It certainly will be a great day when we are all together again for good.

Well, gang, the war news is really good, isn’t it? It looks very much like April will be the last month of the War (and what a War). People just won’t know what to do when peace descends on them again. This is particularly true for England.

I took Kay and Val to Cobham to see the Ravenscrofts while I was on leave and they were awfully pleased to see us and our wee daughter. Val, of course, stole the show. I wasn’t surprised, though, as Kay told me she always does. Wherever she goes, people make a great fuss over her, the little vamp.