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Date: August 1944

August 1944

Well, folks, many thanks for the flood of letters I received recently. ------ I can’t emphasize too much how these letters bolster my morale. These past few days have been very busy ones for a new gun sergeant. Equipment to clean and make ready for a tough battle. I like my new responsibility and have my gun and crew in A.1 shape. Our next big push will probably be pretty tough, but I have the feeling it will be the last battle of Italy. I have no qualms as to the outcome and I feel the chances of coming through safely are good. I went to Communion this morning and asked that Kay and Valerie be spared from Flying Bombs and that we could be together again soon. All I ask for myself is to be given courage to do my duty and help bolster any of the crew that get shaky. They are all good lads and I hope they will all come through safely. I have their complete confidence and co-operation, which is half the battle.

I see by the papers that the Canadian Government has made very generous promises to returnee men. If half of these promises are carried out, we should make out quite easily. That’s all we talk about these days, what we are going to do when it is all over. Quite a number of old original members have gone home on P.O.W. escort. I am not eligible because I’m not married in Canada. I don’t really mind waiting to see the finish of the present campaign, but will be happy when the peace is ours. ------

We made a long night move last week. Most of the trip was through mountainous country. The scenery was really most impressive. Just a road on the floor of the valley and a swift-running mountain stream. On each side, mountains formed a solid wall. In some places, there were shear drops of several hundred feet. It was quite a tricky business negotiating this road without lights. -----