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Date: February 2nd 1944

February 2, 1944                                                                           

Just a few short lines to let you know the Huns haven’t got me yet. As a matter of fact, I am in the “pink.” The weather has been lovely and warm and today we had the first rain for over two weeks. The mail hasn’t been coming through as well as one might wish and is my only complaint.

I don’t think you need worry unduly on my account as Artillery casualties have been very small in this campaign. Our worst enemy is the fighter aircraft and, as we have an air superiority, we are quite safe. I think our chief enemy will be boredom rather than Fritz. War, in actual fact, isn’t at all glamorous except for a few incidents. Of course, Mom, my censor won’t let me say very much but I think you will be relieved to know that we are just as safe as it is possible to be in a war. ----