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Date: January 17th 1944

January 17, 1944

Well, Mom, Xmas was spent quietly here behind the lines. The Padre managed to buy enough turkeys and chickens for a hearty Xmas dinner, so we fared quite well. The weather about that time was our chief enemy and much rain fell. During Xmas week, we had a heavy fall of snow and the cold was enough to keep us on the move. Our tents weren’t designed for winter use but, with the aid of a small improvised stove, we managed to keep quite warm. You would have laughed to see the contrivance. The body of the stove consisted of an empty four-gallon petrol tin. The chimney was quite a masterpiece of army ingenuity.  This consisted of many “Bully Beef” tins telescoped one inside the other. The whole business looked very much like a “Doo-Dad” affair and, I must say, saved the day. For the last week, the weather has been nice and warm. The nights are still brittle and the sky is blue and stars bright, so one doesn’t mind so much.

My gun Sgt. is away at the moment and I have had complete charge of the gun and crew for the past ten days. During this time, I have conducted several “shoots” and have been complimented by the officers for a good show. Perhaps Dad will have his wish sooner than he expects, so will be able to address my letters “Sgt.” -----

How is Dad in his new job? Dad should enter politics as I think he would make a darn good representative, and the work shouldn’t be too hard. -----