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Date: September 3rd 1943

September 3, 1943                                                                                                

Well, it’s been quite some time since I last wrote you and I only hope this hasn’t caused you any concern. We received the letter about the money order, which has since arrived too. It was awfully sweet of all of you to send this money and I will attend to the photographs immediately. There is still a chance that the other album will reach you and I don’t imagine two would be too many. ---------

Well Mom, the old capital War seems to be warming up again, doesn’t it? I suppose our turn will come soon, though I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we remain in England until next Spring. I have to learn to drive a tank and leave for a four-week course when I return to camp next Saturday. Dad will be amused to hear this, as I will at last have found a vehicle that I don’t have to worry about. In this case, I just drive and let the other fellow get the grey hairs. Please don’t jump to any hasty conclusions at this bit of news, as I won’t be joining a tank regiment. It is merely a new phase in our training which, for obvious reasons, I can’t discuss in detail.