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Date: March 10th 1942

March 10, 1942

One of your letters which arrived last week was postmarked Dec. 17. I mention this, so you will understand why it sometimes takes so long a time to get a reply to your questions. After much cold, damp and d cloudy weather, we are now enjoying the most wonderful Spring weather you can imagine. It is just like a May day at home, so I’m expecting an early attack of that old malady popularly known as “Spring Fever.” We still have a little baseball equipment left over from last season and I already have a sore arm to remind me that the old wing isn’t all it might be.

We had a bit of excitement last Saturday when the R. Batt. Stores caught fire and burned to the ground. Most of the boys, including Les Glover, lost all their kit, but no one was seriously burned. I expect there will be the usual Court of Enquiry and a new lock bought for the barn, now that the horse has been stolen. I went for another bath and swim yesterday and enjoyed my customary flops off the high board. Wasn’t it bad luck that Major Gen. Jock Campbell should be killed in an auto accident after surviving several bloody battles in the Libyan campaign? It just goes to show that when all is said and done, we have very little say in the matter when fate steps in.

I expect Audrey is safely in the hospital by now and is quickly getting over the rookie stage. I really must close now and get ready for the bully beef and spuds, so Cheerio and all that stuff.