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Date: June 14th 1942

Sen. Evans S.W. M36468

No. 1.C.A.R.U. R.C.A.

E Bty. Q Wing


Base P.O. Eng.

June 14 1942

Dearest Helen

Well here I am again. I havn’t had a letter from you yet I got one from mother the other day and I got an airgram to. I don’t know why your letters arn’t coming through I think you have writen if you havn’t you better. Well what are you doing. and how do you feel I am O.K. and am not doing much. I havn’t seen you for 3 months and I thought I would at least get a letter but it don’t look that way. well I hope to hear from you soon. and if you wan’t to send anything I can tell you what would be good, just sent anything we havn’t got anything here like home. Well kid I hope you havn’t forgoten me and I hope this letter finds you well. If you have writen take no notes of it but if you havn’t you better because I would like to hear from you I have writen at least 2 letters a week. And I think some of them should get through. Well kid I am kind of on the war path tonight. I am broke and the supper we had well it wasn’t that’s all and wright now I need a smoke. I think I will cut this short. because I will write again soon when I feel better don’t forget to write me I am worried about you. honey. Your old man.


P.S. all mistakes and misses are meant for hugs and kisses. Good by for now.


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Original Scans