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Date: November 29th 1942

Gnre M36468

Evans S.W.

F Troop 91st Bty

6 Cdn Field Reg C.A.O.

Nov 29 1942

Dearest Helen

Well my love how are you please excuse the pencil as I am on guard and my pen is out of ink wich I didn’t discover till I got up here Well honey you can’t imagine how happy I was to get word from you that we had a son born. I shore wish the heck I could be there and spoil him, I am broke at the precent tim and so are most of the other boys that are here. But as soon as I can scrape up a little money I will send a Telogram or air mail which will reach you befor this I hope. But incase I don’t get one away please send another cable with our sons ful name because they say they wan’t to see it in black and white in the pay office and I would be making a big mistake if I put down the wrong name. I did have a letter where you had it in but a little thing happend and they where destroed. Be shore and get a picture off you and him as soon as posible and send because I would shore keep that next to my heart where it wouldn’t get lost. How is the little munky anyway darn I just can’t wait to get

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But to save papper and lead I will just put it doan once Well honey as you can see I am not saying much in this letter Because at precent I don’t know what to say or how to express myself so for a few days I will say good by and please write everything you know and all about our worries so I can think of somthing to write back. Well it is hard to do but I will have to say goodnight honey and give the babby all my love and everything that gose with it. With all my love dearest

Dad xxxxx xxxx

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Original Scans