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Date: November 3rd 1942

F Troop 6th Field Reg.

Nov 3


Dearest Helen

Well dear here I am in bed and am going to make a stab at writing you a letter. Well honey how are you I hope you are fine I suppose we will be mom and pop when you get this gosh I can’t wait to see or hear about it. Well kid I realy don’t know what to write as this letter may not see you till after you are out of the hospital “unqote.”

Well I am going to go on another scheam tomorow I just got back from Wales last week. It was a swell trip exept for rain all the time. But it is good to get away from this camp once in a while. I got diferent truck yesterday it is a small one shore seems funny too drive it after driving the big one. I am driving the officers now. Say have you heard from Ben. I will have to find out just where he is now and get a week end and get together again. I seen him in a convoy he was going one way and me another and I couldn’t stop and talk to him. But he waved at me so I think he recogniced me. Well honey I really don’t know what to write till I find out how things are with you and I am not doing much was in the kichen today. Well all I can say my love is I hope everything is O.K. and hope I will be back soon thank a lot for the pictures and I will send that swell card home that Mother gave you. So will say so long for now. And I just recieved your tobaco and boy I can shore use it It seems as though I can’t quit writing but I am out of ink and I can’t write much anyway. Well as always yours I love you more than evere if could be and am trew to you. Don’t worry honey even though I do

I hope am I just yours [?] Bill



Ps xxxx



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