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Date: November 18th 1942

Marry Christmas Honey XXX

F Troop 6 Field Reg


Nov, 18 1942

Dearest Helen

Well how is my love now. I hope you are swell and the babby as good. I am O.K, working like heck but hope we get finished soon. We have been painting all the trucks and guns for the Big shot to see. The boys are all pretty sick of it but I suppose we have to do something don’t we. Well the boys and myself, to when I think of it have had a quite a laugh at me. I have had a lot of changes in the last three days Well to tell you the hole story on Mon I was tricked into taking a signalers course and I tried the next day to get off of it with no luck but they just sayd no dice Bill you are going to be a sig. And I said I will get out of it some way. So last night I heard the boys that weren’t on the course say that the Sarg needed boxers for some fights that are coming of. Well I went and seen him and he gave me some good noose. He told me he would tree and get me away from the sigs. And make a boxer out of me. But I seen an Oficer and the Sargent [?] befor he did and got myself of. Well when everything was paned out I ended up one jump better than I was befor. I have a better truck now one I have had my eyes on ever since I came to the Reg. Well I won’t hear the last of that for awile. I don’t know wether I should go Boxing or not. What do you say? don’t forget to tell me. Well honey I wish I where there with you but I guess there isn’t any use thinking about that is there honey Well I wrote you a letter the other day and it was short and these to would make one so I will say goodnight dearest and I hope apon hope you are fine and can’t wait till we get together again.


Yours forever honey


P.S. your letters have been coming swell.

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Original Scans