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Date: January 16th 1943
Helen and Howard

Jan 16/43

Dearest Helen and Howard.

Well how are you tonight I am just fine. I am in the hospital again. I went home a few days after I wrote you from the other hospital but now I am in a differint one. I was out for the hole some of 2 days. And bingo back I go. I am in with my back this time. You know the same thing I had back home. It never has got better but just the last few weeks has been worse. But won’t worry it will be O.K. pretty quick in fact it feels Better tonight. I hope you arn’t back in to Mother wrote and said she was in Calgary and you had to feed babe on the bottle. I guess you are bringing him up like I was. In fact I am still getting spoon fed, don’t you think. Well I hope you are not getting these English wifes looking at you or should I say trying to get around you. haha.

I havn’t received a letter from you for a quite a while now I suppose the mail is lost late or something. If I get one soon I will write you a good letter because write now I don’t know just what to say. I may do a little bosting I made myself crack shot of the Regiment the other day pretty good flookin hay. Well honey I don’t know of any more to write only I could fill this hole page exppressing my love. Only god knows that and I have done it before. And I can’t wait till I get back. And I hope it will be all over soon. don’t we all. I will say goodnight. Honey and be good won’t you. please if you don’t wan’t me to go bad. Don’t you go running around. There goes my little speech again. Well I will quit for this time I love you as much as ever or more of could be. Till next time I am yours Helen.

As ever you

Pop. Bill.




How about a nice big fat letter ant thanks a million for the watch. Kid it is just what I need. OOOOOOOOXXXXXXXX

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Original Scans