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Date: August 31st 1944
Helen and Howie

You XXXXXXX ->                                                                                                                                               Me XXXXXXX

No.1 Advance base



Dearest Helen and Howie

Well my love how is everything these days. Had a swell air mail from you yesterday in fact 2 of them send 21/8/44 and 22/8/44. In one of them you said something I have been trying to figure out for a long time I knew there was something wrong for a long time but y[word obscured, likely “you”] still haven’t said what it was. You mentioned in your letter the [word obscured, likely “reason”]son you havn’t left home was they had someway of keeping you there. Just what way can they keep you there if you don’t wan’t to stay please tell me in your answer to this letter as if I can find out from you I shall make it a point to do something about it. The way the letter read to me was tat it seemed they had something on you and if you left they would see that it did a bit of harm. And why don’t you tell me now you said you could tell me what it was somday. Well after all I am your husband and if my wife is afraid to tell me her trouble who would she tell them to. Don’t forget I wan’t to know what it is And don’t just make up a story and then have me find out the true facts later on you never have. Well enough of that but pleas let me know honey as you know I don’t like anything like that.

What has our we fellow been doing sins the last letter hope he is just as full of hell as ever. I remember when you was full of fun. Hope you still are know wonder our sin is a life wire I know just where he gets it from. Are you still as tickelish as ever That’s one thing I will never forget the fun we used to have I laugh even when I think of it I just ad to point at you and then what happened do you remember. I bet you do. Remember the trip we had to Those Hills the night we where married and the time the phone call came for us the next morning what a time Lets hope we can have it all over again..

What say we go over all the roads we used to go on when I get back just to bring back old memories.

It would be swell to do everything all over again wouldn’t it. Even the first dance at the Courtair hall that was the best nights hunting I ever had look what I found. Have you a mirror handy as I have your picture looking at me now. Hope you don’t regret that night. Remember in Courtairs when we seen of with Jim’s car what a squeels I wonder what place we get into do you remember. It seem there where cars there. Well Helen it looks like the end of the page. I am yours all my love forever love Bill

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Original Scans