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Date: July 25th 1944
William Hollett

July 25

(note) “A” Coy A.16 curie

Calgary Alta.

Dear Mom: -

How goes the [?]? I hear you got a letter from Cliff, so I guess your happy eh? I expect I’ll be seein him before long myself and I’ll give him a prod about writting writing more often. No news exactly when yet though. We did however have a farewell dinner to-night; given to all troops a day or two before they entrain for the count, it was really something and Im sending down my menu for you to see and keep as a souvineer. I’ve just finished writing to Ada and before that I wrote Milly, mainly because I received letters from them to-day (over) I haven’t written to Milly since she was married simply because I didn’t know her address, but there’s no such excuse now, is there?

What kind of a time did you have at St. Peters?, and how’s Ada’s baby doing now? She writes that you were there with her knitting while the baby was bawling etc. I guess youre almost indispensible Mom, Milly’ll be demanding your services some of these days, she tells me she and Kirk are going to set up an apartment in Sydney before the winter sets in. I say that’s a good idea every married couple she be independent as it is humanly possible to be and then when trouble come they really can appreciate what a swell thing it is to have a mother (over) like you to come home to her.

I’m not going to write very much to-night mom because I’m full of chicken and consequently a bit uncomfortable. I was wondering if those pictures we took while I was home came out and hoping to see a few prints soon, Hennie’s wife was asking in a letter yesterday if we had received them yet and if so why he hadn’t sent her at least the negatives so she could see them.

Well mom take care of yourself and dad, keep the letters comming and first thing you know youll be getting answers from the same place Cliffs come from



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Original Scans

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