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Date: April 23rd 1915
Lt.-Col. Russell
H.G. Bolster


France, March 25th, 1915.

Lt-CoI. Russell, Brighton, Ontario.

Dear Colonel:
It was with a great deal of pleasure and pride that I read of the splendid showing of the 40th. It certainly speaks well for the officer in command and his predecessors. May they still keep up the good work.
We will need lots of men before this business is ended as we intend it shall be, that is the complete crushing of Russian militarism.
I am very proud of the men of our Battalion; they certainly have behaved just as we expected they would; and the men from your Battalion have kept up their end with the rest.

Our casualties so far have not been heavy, although perhaps my Company has the heaviest list in the Battalion. Two officers wounded and one man killed is the extent of the Fortieth's list. Doxsee is back again on the job and Abell writes that he ought to be back in a fortnight's time. We certainly have a splendid bunch of officers in our Battalion under the splendid O.C. Colonel Watson.

We are leaving our position in the trenches for a while to let some of the Territorials have a turn at it. We will possibly have a week's rest, and then at it again, probably in a different locality. My Company is made up of the 34th, 40th, 42nd, and also a few of the 8th Royal Rifles and 101 Edmonton. So you see we have quite a good collection, and just as good a bunch of chaps as anyone would wish to command.

Our artillery have been doing good work, and from all indications they rank very favorably with the British gunners, and certainly appear to have it put over the Germans all right. We had a few close shaves the last time in the trenches when a couple of 100 pounders skimmed our dug-outs and landed twenty yards beyond, which gave up a shower bath of mud. Our casualties from shell fire have been insignificant.
Well dear Colonel, remember me to all our friends; tell them that we are all well and happy, having lots of good rations, baths, underwear etc. Trusting to hear from you soon, and that you are keeping well, I am, sir,

Yours sincerely,
H.G. Bolster. - From Brighton Ensign.