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Date: December 6th 1917

Woodcote Park



Dear Mother & All

Have two letters here to answer so will get at it. I should have more but for some reason I have the later ones before the earlier ones

I got the two from mother but not the registered letter from Ethel.

My mail seems to have gone any old way for the last two weeks I haven’t had but three letters from Canada in three weeks.

Well first thing you want to know is how I am getting a long

Well I have had that wonderful board and they are not going to send me home from here I got marked B 111 which is permanent service in England

I sure am disappointed after the specialist saying that I was to be sent home.

Them losing the report of the specialist was the cause of the whole thing.

We are supposed to have a board of three Drs but only one saw me

Of coarse I suppose I will get home from the base at Seaford but I could have got home so much sooner from here.

It seems queer to me when ever Dr. tells me I wont be any good from 6 months to two years.

Yesterday our own Dr was going to mark me for a 179 (Canada) board and when he looked up my papers he found I was marked B 111. so he said “All right Let him get it at his base”

They sure have a rotten system here but it is pretty well the same all over.

It will take me a couple of months longer to make home.

I was up to London to see the Jefferies last Sunday and found Alf Rhiumer home on leave They are going to send a telegram and I am going to try and get up there again next Sunday as they are going to have a few people in for the day.

I have got all the money you have sent but the last $5.

I hope that will come today or tomorrow for I am nearly on the rocks.

When you address my letters don’t address them Active service France but just Cfo of Record Office London. Of coarse I suppose you can send them now to the 16th Reserve again.

You are sure getting lots of deer there. Wish I was there to get some

Father is sure lucky to be getting work so close at home.

Isn’t he shooting any deer this year.

I suppose by this time John has the registered letter I sent him

Well I must stop this and write a few more letters today

Your Son & Brother


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