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Date: October 15th 1944
William Hollett

Sunday Oct 15th 1944

Lincoln S Wellond Regt.


Dear Ebby :-

Received your August 9th letter to-day and is it ever a duzer. Thanks a million. Your just spacing your letters about right so that I have time in between to sleep and eat. Agnes’ letters are a nice little diversion too. Strange that I do so well by mail but so miserably in person. I’m actively writing to three girls in Canada now. Poor me! I’m going to enclose a little souvenier in this letter. I hope you’ll like it. They aren’t worth much here in Belgium but you can take it for granted there aren’t many around Toronto. It’s a German Mark I took from a wounded German whose wounds I fixed. He was no superman you can take my word for that. We shared his little collection of coins and notes. This one is the only one I have left. But there’ll be more.

I guess you’ve seen Irene and the two kids. What do you think of them? Isn’t that Louis some guy? I guess Judy is starting to look around now too she was pretty small when I last saw her though. It was a good idea of Renes to go by way of Toronto. It sure gave you a chance to see her and the kids. Now she’s the furthest one of the girls from home. Lets hope we can arrange to see her once in a while.

I’ve been hearing pretty regularly from just about everyone I even got a letter from Margaret to-day and Cliff yesterday. Dad the day before, cripes girl I have trouble answering my mail and that’s no lie.

The weather here is very cool now look a bit like winter more and more everyday. We are to be equipped with a warm suit called a zoot suit. I’ve been looking at some of the skate they use here and if I’m still around this winter I intend using a pair and maybe I can persuade one of these Belgian beauties to skate with me, Ou la la !!!

 Speaking of meals as you say, do you know what I had for supper to-night? – “Pancakes with butter and honey”, I made the pancakes and two of the boys got the honey believe me it was good. We do have some sure feeds at times. You should try our deep apple pie; yum! yum! Also our hash and stew. Crows Point will have a very experienced cook next time I get out there!

Well Eve I hear your going home for New Years Id sure like to be there too but I guess it wont be this year. I’ve even been thinking about going to the Japanese theatre of war after this ones finished. Not much more news now. Let me know if you get the little German note O.K.

Cheers now


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