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Date: May 19th 1916
Cobourg World
William Beattie

Letters have been received from Chaplain Major Beattie and Lieutenant Cecil Peterson, giving facts concerning the passing of Gunner Henry Ivey, of this town:

On the morning of the 28th (April) Henry was on duty as aeroplane scout. Shortly before six o'clock, Mr. MacKeen (his section officer) and I were awakened by the bursting of a shell close at hand. Everything was made ready to get out if necessary. While things were being fixed, another shell came over and I noticed Henry under cover near the window. We asked him where that had landed and he told us. Mr. MacKeen and I started to leave the room together, when another landed. We both rushed out and found him being supported by the Sergt-Major and another chap. Mr. MacKeen was ahead of me. He felt the pulse at once but it had stopped. He never spoke to a soul. A splinter of shell entered just below and must have pierced the heart. Through your grief you have the knowledge that this was not a painful passing, but a merciful release, which our Heavenly Father sees fit to grant to some. Henry was always ready with a cheery word and a helping hand. As an aeroplane scout at which he was employed, he more than excelled. His was the most accurate judgment of any scout I have seen, in the matter of spotting hostile craft. And he was always on the job. With a scout like that out here, who is accurate in judgment, always careful and trustworthy, as was Henry, his value to his unit is priceless. His was a position of trust, and he did his duty - none can do more. He was good and true.

The burial had to be after dark and without lights. The grave was dug by kindly Cobourg hands - while every Cobourg boy who could be spared, bowed his head with grief at the burial. It was a bright starlight night, without moon. The German flare lights cast a flicker over the scene. While I was repeating the words 'and as a watch in the night', a star shot across the sky straight before me, then another and a third; and the old saying 'every time a star falls a soul returns to God,' came back to me - and I thought at that moment of you all. Then we prayed. Prayed for his soul - that it may rest in Him. Prayed for you all, that you may find consolation in him - and for ourselves, that we may find protection and peace in Him.

It would have done you good to have heard his officers speak of Henry, and how he conducted himself. He was evidently, simply beloved by everybody.

We laid his body to rest in a little military cemetery, where lie none but the heroes who have given their lives for others.