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Date: November 13th 1916
Harold Irwin

74 Tunnel Ave

Nov 13th 16

Dearest Mother

just a fue lines to let you know I am all OK, I was working all last week. and I am much better at work it takes my mind of my troubles, Bert was up to see me Saturday afternoon, But had to go back to Shorncliffe Saturday evening so did not see him for long, But he is coming up again in about two weeks time again I am staying at #1 Colerain Road now with Boby Taylor and with another chum McPherson. We are all sleeping in the one room But it is a lovely big room so have lots of room, there is two beds in the room, so we are nice & Comfortable, & lots of Company the land-lady is very religis and thinks of nothing else But church But very nice to us,

I was up to Florence home yesturday we all went out to Cemetery in the afternoon, Florences grave is not feld in yet But as soon as it is feld in I am going to buy a nice glass reath for it, I was looking at some in window near there a good one will cost about $10 to $15 00 But that is all we are alowd to put on grave as other People are burier in same grave, so can not put a stone on it., I stayed at Jones for tea, & then came home about 9 30 P.M. they treat me fine up there now, Mr Jones was home he treats me fine too, so I am all right now, It is very lonely now with out her But I must just keep good & try & foreget I have engagments on for evey night these week, so will not be so very lonely these week, But she was such a Dear good girl. I never will foreget her one of the best wives in all the world, an Ideal wife.

Well Mother I would like to have you come over all right, But do you think it is worth the money? I am all right over here now and I might be home befor long now, so I hardly think it is worth your wiell coming over as it will be very expensif living over here now, for every thing is going up all the time, and I never know when I will be moving so I hardly think it is worth your wiell, But just wait & save your money, and I will soon be home now, I dont think the war will last much longer now, say Mother hough do you think I met last wed evening Mary Campbell Mrs Horner. I met her in Lynes Corner house I was in there geting a cup of coffee & she walked in, I knew her as soon as I seen her & she knew me, we had a good long talk of old times, and I am going to meet her some night soon & am going to take her to theatre, seemed good to see an old School Friend she looks fine, The weather has been real bum of late. I dont think it would agree with you at all over her, I know it would not, Well Mother I think this is all for now, will write you again next week, Hoping you are all well at Home, I am fine, give my love to all tell them I will Write them all soon, With all my Love I am as ever your loving Son


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