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Date: October 20th 1916
Harold Irwin

Armur Corp H L. Irwin #2339
Can Ar I & R Dept.
74 Tunnel Ave.

Oct 20th 16.

My Darling Mother

I rec your Dear letter on Tusday last & it is a week tonight sense I Wrote you last so will write a fue lines again as I try and write every week if I can; Well Florence & I are both well. Florence has not been a bit sick yet. But her time is up today but nothing has happend as yet, she is still feeling fine. We where out to picture together on Wed. eveing, I am going up to see her again tomorrow after- noon, But if anything should happen in mean time her mother will telagraph me right away, & then put her in taxi and take her to Hospital, you ask me what is wrong between her Dad & I, Well I can’t altogether tell you in letters But will tell you when I get back again to Canada, But it was partly my folt as will as his, But I just dont go near his House that is all, But he is very good to Florence so do not say any thing, Yes Mother I would like to see you over here very much this winter, And if you can find the money & means to come, just come along. But you would not like this country at all, But it is worth whiel seeing any way.

I am stell at same old job have been transfered again was transfered yesturday to the C. A I. &. R Ds. so am not Ordnance any more now, Some of our boys have got into a mix-up here in Greenwich, they got into a fight in a Bar room & Killed a women, you see women get in the Bars here & drink the same as men and some How three of our boys where in there when a fight started, & one of them have got Blamed for Killing this women, she fell, and as She fell she struck her head & died last night, I dont know any of the fellows that was in the fight. But it was some of the new boys that I dont know. they are a very tuff bunch any way. and I dont know how it will come off at trial

Well Mother I have moved Bellet I am in #160 Humber Rd now only a fue doors from my old bellet so did not have far to move this  Bellet is all right, it will do any way  untell Florence is better & then we will get rooms again, The weather has been very cold of late, nearly freeze going to work in mornings. & the shop is none to worm eather. But I am feeling good again now, and all over my sickness. so am all right we have had no Zepps of late. But expect them again tomorrow night, we will just have to wait & see if they come or not. It does not look as if the war will be over this year, But hope some time next. We can hardly get sugar at all now over here. have to pay 15¢ a lb for it and only can get it when you spend over  $1 00 in shop; times are very hard, Well Mother will have to close now as this is all the paper I have got in House foregot to get some today,

Hoping you are all Well at home. Will write you as soon as baby is Born. With Love from us both. Lovingly Harold

PS: Dad sent me $25.00 for a Birth day Present for Baby.

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Original Scans

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