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Date: September 17th 1917



Sept 17th.


Dear Marie


No! Dont think that I have forgotten you, I havn't.


I just naturally have had no ambition to write anybody.


Ever since coming back off pass, I somehow can't settle down to anything. If I start reading, I throw it down disconsolately, if I sit down I mope. Just impatient thats all.


Yes! I have visited Paris, “Some Place”, Marie isn't it the most beautiful place you have ever seen. What did you think of it when you were there? Paris beats them all doesn't it. A city with so many boulevards, parks, gardens buildings etc.


Well. We hit Paris on the night of the 21st Aug/17. Getting into the Gare du Nord about 9.30 and stepped off the train, and for the first time in nearly fourteen months, saw real cityfied people, both men & women. We met a Canadian, who took us to the hotel des deux Gare on rue Fauburg. St. Dennis, not a minutes walk from the station. The street wasn't up to much, but the room in the hotel was fine, at six francs per night. Well I was to the garden of “Varseilles” “Bois de Bologne”. “The Zoo”, “Eiffel Tower” Riding around in taxis Theatres, dining around at a few hotels. Although we had a regular restaurant. Say isn't Paris a hard place to get a drink of tea. Vin Rouge is predominant. I asked for coffee in one place and they brought me rum & coffee. After that I learned to ask for coffee without rum. With the aid of a few French words we got on fine. On the whole I spent ten as interesting days as I have ever spent. Ten days of real life, after fourteen months of existance “When in Rome do as the Romans do” and we did.


Here I am back up the line, as usual, waiting for another pass, which I may see or may not. However “Such is life, eh”. I saw a few “Sammies” when down in Paris quite a smart uniform isn't it.


Quite a problem in Russia at the present. If Kerensky doesn't get done in I think he will save Russia. You never can tell though. Things are humming up here yet, he still has quite a kick left in him. (Fritz). I'm still at it. I'm just wondering wether I'll have a try at the flying corps, with the view of a commission, what do you thing about it. I wonder if I have enough brains to take out a commission, think so?


How is my “sweety heart” and Aunt Kate, Vic, Uncle Henry & are you well & still busy.


Give my love to all the folks


I'll close




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