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Date: June 10th 1917



June 10/17


Dear Marie


Just a line to say that everything is O.K. Tres bon, in fact.


We are having warm sunshiny days and fairly busy too.


I am back off the Signalling Course and am a Signaller now in our unit Ive changed some eh Marie.


Well Marie there is nothing to say so I'll ask a few questions How's the Kiddy keeping And Auntie Kate, Uncle Henry, Vic and everybody? Are you busy nursing these days. Do you go out in the car much. How are things going on down our way.


Say Marie that was a peach of a picture of the kiddy wasn't it. I suppose the girlie will be grown so I will hardly know her when I come back? Tell her I'm still her Sweety Heart. And the dog is it still her guardian?


Thank you very much for the birthday card & letter. So I'm twenty years of age. Getting old but well being.


They sure are looking after returned soldiers well in Toronto aren't they.


I'm looking forward to your birthday box to me, And thank you too for the bundle of papers.


Marie could you get me a small pocket English French dictionary you know best what kind to get, one with sentences & phrazes in it. I'm reading one of Henry Drummond's works “The Habitant” French-Canadian dialect poems Have you read any of his works.


They were very nice words on that Birthday Card


Well Marie I'll close


Give my love & best wishes to Auntie Kate, Uncle Henry “My Kiddy” and Vic.


Lots of Love

Bro Joe

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