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Date: 1916



#157,114 Pte. J G Sproule

M G Base

36th Bn C E F

c/o Army Post Office London


Dear Marie


I received your home Pocket Album & letter OK. The album certainly will come in handy as I have some pictures I want to put in it.


I say Marie have you got a picture of yourself, a snap, that would go into the book. I want the pictures of the folks back home to put in it, just so as I can have them with me through the campaigns.


It has been cool for the last couple of weeks & rainy. Say! Isn't it miserable when it rains in this country. In Canada I didn't mind it, so much, but here uh!


I am getting to like the army now, at first – it was rank but now I suppose we are getting knocked into shape by our Superiors. We are taking our Musketry Course now, next will come Machine Gunning & then I hope France.


I spent a very profitable time in London while I was there, but was called back off pass on account of the losses of the Canadians then, before my pass was up.


A party of us went to Folkestone yesterday, we had a good time & had our pictures taken. Went to the Pleasure Garden Theatre and saw “The Only Girl” American Play it was pretty good.


Some of the 81st wounded are back at Shorncliffe Hospital from the trenches.


I wrote a letter to Noble asked him how he was etc. and asked him to come & visit me when on leave. How is his girl has he written anything about her lately.


How is everything back home, are you busy on cases, what is the weather like? So Pa has got a car at last. I am certainly glad to hear of it. Have you been riding in it very much, how does it seem to go?


I guess I have written all I can think of. Things are about the same, nothing extraordinary.


Give my love to Aunt Kate & Uncle Henry, Vic & how is my little girl Mamie.



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