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Date: 1915

Pte Noble Sproule #9490
Machine Gun Section
3rd Battalion
1st Brigade
1st Canadian Division
British Expeditionary Force

My dear father –

Please forgive me for not writing sooner – its not that I never think of you.  Because often I do.  And believe me dad I realize now what a good father I have.  If I didn’t show any feeling before.  But things seem dismal now that the rainy season has set in.  It’s also pretty cold.

Well dad we are in the trenches now.  I’m writing this in the dug-out.  Our section of trenches I guess are the closest on the line.  Thirty five yards from the enemy.  And believe me it’s a pretty hot corner they are continually sending over rifle grenades and bombs.  We send the same stuff back so I guess they feel just as uncomfortable as we do.

Say do you know I got two dandy big parcels from the fellows and girls at the shop shirts, socks, gloves, mirror, pocket comb, Christmas pudding candies, pipe & tobacco.  It was very good of them Eh?

I think we will be out of the trenches for Christmas – I hope so anyways although I’ll feel sorry for the fellows that will be in them.

Now dad no matter what my past life has been I don’t want you to worry to much about me.  I pray often and it seems to comfort me even though things are pretty hot.  God says – Low I am with you always even unto the end of the world.  And its certainly comforting to know that God looks after every one of those who tries to do what is right.  And I am trying.

I am sorry I don’t know anything more about Hugh.  We can just wait and hope for the best.  Mamie wrote and told me about Goldie enlisting  I suppose it is only right that he should do so.  Although I would have liked to see one of the family left at home.  However if he stays in the A.M.C. he will be pretty safe.  And I hope he will.

Well dad I must close now.  Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Your loving son Noble

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