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Date: September 4th 1917


Dresden Sep 4th

Dear Brother

Mother called up and told me yesterday she had received a letter from you saying you expected to go to France soon she feals lonesome you know so we all do at your going farther away.

I trust all will be well with you. you know the faith I have I will pray for the Lord to protect you and I will do all I can to make mother happy until your return

I will write to you for her every week if I can I know it will be hard for you to get your mail if you go in the trenches but I will write as often as I can trusting you will get it some tim I will do all I can to comfort mother till your letters come to her if they are a long time coming. I don’t think the war will last long acording to the papers they are giving the Jermans a pretty warm time of it all around the war zones if the papers are right. I seen your picture I think you look splendid mother thinks you were tired I told no I did not think that. she says she could always tell when you were by your looks now when you write tell us the truth of it were you tired or only joking about it aunt Libbie called up last night to know if it was true that you was drafted to go to France. they are all in a great way about you now Phyllis was down to Charlie meritts and they told her that they had got a letter that you had been drafted was the first we heard of it. I told mother we thought you might be going so as to get her thinking about it by degrees and not up set to much so now she has your letter and knows. I read mothers letters when she gets them. I know you wont be able to write to all of us so often so as long as mother gets a letter we all hear it she calls up as soon as she gets a letter and lets me know at once how you are Phyllis got your card all right she was pleased you may be sure she is going to write right away so good by from your sister


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