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Date: September 20th 1940
Squirt (Betty)

Boon, W. D. AC 2

R61125 R.C.AF

#1 Manning Depot

Toronto Ont.

Sept. 20./40.

Dear Squirt: -

I received your letter today at noon and I was sure glad to hear from you. I guess I had better answer your questions first because there are quite a few of them.

I had a swell trip down - by the way I made $6.00 on the way down playing “Black Jack” - a game somewhat like poker. I didn't see the girl in Winnipeg either.

Aunt Maude hasn't changed a bit she sure looks swell – although she is a little more gray than Mom. Yes and Edith thought I looked like Charley. - Say can you fire questions fast!

I'm going to write Joe tonight so I'll probably hear from him.

I haven't weighed myself yet but I think I've gained. I haven't got my boots yet but neither have a couple hundred other guys who have feet any larger than size 10.

Still going around with Tom eh? Well behave yourself and give him my regards and tell him that I hope he does good at Varsity.

Tell the kids at Vic to dig in and win and I hope you and Norm both win in your own divisions.

We go to bed at 10.30 or before and are up at 6.15 shave, shower and eat breakfast and are out for P.T. by 7.40 we also have to shine all our buttons and our shoes by then. Then after an hour of P.T. we run in and change to our “blues” regulation uniform and then go out at 9.05 for dress parade and inspection. About 12 – 15 guys this morning got kitchen fatigue because they did not shave this morning. There are about 3500 men here so they need quite a few dish washers.

It is nearly 10 o'clock so I guess I'll turn in Look after Mom, Bett and write soon because I sure miss you Squirt.

I don't promise to answer every letter but I'll do my best because we are pretty busy.

We start rifle drill on Monday and will do it for about 10 days then I don't know what we do.

Lots of Love kid and look after Mom because she needs you




Say hello to the kids and write soon.

Original Scans

Original Scans

William Daniel Boon. Letter. September 20 1940. William Daniel Boon. Letter. September 20 1940. William Daniel Boon. Letter. September 20 1940.