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Date: September 7th 1918

Bexhill on Sea

Sept. 7th, 1918


Dear Ollie:

Yours received this P.M. dated Aug. 4th.  No need to say was glad to hear from you but was just the same. There seems to be a hold up in the mail for some reason or other.  Don’t get mush mail lately.  Had a bundle of papers from Bine Wed.  Also a letter from her today but it’s dated over a week ahead of yours so guess there can’t be a boat every week.  Well old John D. got off for Halifax over a week ago.  Sgt. McNeil I mean.  The one I told you was going back as an instructor.  He has been waiting ever since for a boat.  Well Ollie guess I better answer your questions first.  Have never heard from Angus since he left Eng.   I suppose you know he went home.  I think I wrote you when he went.  It’s so long ago I forget.  And I have never heard form Jim MacPherson.  The kid is making Canada marked unfit.  He is still at Bramshott Con. Hospital but I did not find it out in time to see him before I left.  And I was down there one night to see some of the boys.  Kempton was still alive when I left the Bn. but you know it don’t take long these days to either get wounded or killed but hope he is OK.  He is one of the old die-hards.  There are not many of us left but we sure stick tough.  I reckon on getting back home again any way.  I don’t believe Fritzey can hold out another year the way things are going.  The papers sure looks good to this child.  None of these little 300 yd. advances.  Now a days we count in miles and I reckon he must be feeling rather sick by this time.  Well Ollie, I think I would know you if I had the chance of seeing you fat as you are but you do look some size in that snap.  Can’t you get a snap of Mum?  I suppose she is getting gray for I know she worries about poor old Major.  I don’t worry about him but God I miss him even yet and I am used to having chaps go down and out along side of me but I guess the old saying is right, “blood is thicker than water.”  That’s the reason I like to go over the top.  I don’t forget things like that very easy.  Well enough of that, but this place makes me homesick.  I did not mind it so much in France did not have time to think.  We go down to the beach every PM for a swim after we get off parade.  It’s great.  Nice sandy bottom and the water is not cold like it is home.  So Mrs. B.W. is afraid they will take poor little Herman is she?  It would be a shame other people’s boys should do his fighting for him for their dear boy might get hurt if he came over here with the men.  Well I don’t know how long we will be here in this place.  I suppose it all depends on the casualties in the Bn. and I know they are bound to be heavy as long as we are pushing.  But will live in hopes that I don’t to go back for a month or so.  Well we haven’t heard a word from the Bn. since we left.  I worry as much about to old Coy as I did when I was with it for it’s the only home I have on this side of the pond.  But I reckon she will hold her end up with the best of them.  Best quit for this time.



Cadet Jack Hudgins

#4 Coy C.S.S

Bexton-on Sea