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Date: March 3rd 1917

Witley Camp



Dear Ollie:-


Sun. once more and our last day in quarantine I hope.  Haven’t had any mail this week don’t imagine they will send any more back from the front until they find out whether we are clear of the mumps or not.  We plan to be in France before next Sun. if nothing splits.  We are waiting now for the M.U. to come in and give us our final medical exam.  Haven’t hear from D. coy but one of C. Coy boys had a letter from C. Coy and three of their boys have crossed the great divide.  Two of them I knew well.  McDonald and Clark was their names.  Forget the other chaps name.  One of our chaps cashed in last night.  Haven’t heard what ailed him.  The boys were talking to him last night and he was as well as any of us then.  I said one of our boys.  Not one of D. Coy but A. Coy.  One of the 219 chaps.  That’s kind of mixed up but it makes no diff.  I see by today’s paper the Germans are still catching Hell.  The British have Bapaume and are pushing on to Berone.  I reckon this summer will finish the fun if the Allies don’t fight among themselves when it comes to a settlement.  Don’t know any news to write.  This makes 62 days since we have been out.  But hope to get out tonight.  If we do will have one feed before I leave here you bet. 

They have got so we can’t buy anything from the canteen here.  Won’t sell any more bread but the loaf.  But will sell it by the slice.  2 cents a slice and there are about 25 slices to the loaf so you can see it would cost some for a meal for this child. 

Well we turned in our kit bags Fri.  So we have nothing to bother with but the stuff we take to the trenches with us.  And I can tell you it will one H _ _ _ of a load.  And a 7 mile hill to climb on the road somewhere between here and the front.  Just for fun will tell you what we carry in pack.  One change clothes, one sweater, one towel, one cake soap, Bal. cap, body band, house wife, tin dubbin, blanket, plate, mess tin, steel helmet, great coat (when not worn), 2 pr.’s socks (I’ll have six) and writing tablet.  That’s what we have to have besides tobacco and lots of little things we will want.  Then in Haversack we will have towel, hold all with shaving gear, knife, fork and spoon, brass cleaning gear & cup and of course our rations for 48 hrs.  Besides 125 rds. ammunition, trenching & handle, water bottle filled and rifle.  Oh yes forgot 1 ground sheet and pr. of boots in pack.  Guess that’s all eh?  Johnnie how would you like to pack that up a 7 mile hill? 

H.N. is sending you a copy of the letter we sent Kelley and wants it put in the Register.  Do as you think best.  Well I must strip for the M.U.  Will try and write before we leave here.



Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, John. March 18, 1917. Hudgins, John. March 18, 1917.