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Date: October 25th 1917
John Hudgins




Dear Ollie:


Just a line to let you know am still in the land of the living and still kicking around.  But feel a lot better than did.  Think in time will be as good as ever only a little short winded.  Well it’s raining to beat the band tonight but that is nothing new.  It rains pretty often now days and Fritzey is putting over a few high velocity shells just to let us know we are still at war.

Well I got a box of apples from Frank and one from Lib last night and I can tell you they were good.  Not one of them were spoiled.  Oh yes I got the snap all right but did not know Bobby until after I had read your letter and I reckon I never seen the other one.  Can’t remember her anyway but I sure recognize the third one.  I wish you could get a picture of Mother.  I haven’t any of her that you could tell from dirt.  Am glad young Wood has got spunk enough at last to join up.  I reckon it’s no worse for his Mother than it is for the rest of our Mothers even if she does not think so.  Well its about time I went to bed am near frozen.  That’s a good excuse to quit for I can’t think of anything to write.

Love to all


Original Scans

Original Scans

Letter. Hudgins, John. 1917.10.25 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1917.10.25 Envelope. Hudgins, John. 1917.09.15