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Date: March 14th 1918
John Hudgins

8th Can. Res.

East Sandling

March 14th 1918

Dear Cousins:


I received the nice St. Patrick’s Day card you sent yesterday. Was surprised to hear you have sent previous letters for I have not got them.  I have been pretty lucky with the most of my letters however.

Well I am still a buck private and intend to stay one as long as I can, as long as I can hold down my present job.  You are the most independent man in the army.  They have been after me for the P.K., the louts gun, musketry, gass and so on but I have told them all to bugger off for I don’t want their jobs at present.  I have a good job as hat orderly for the Sergeants of E. Coy (the casualties) I do not have I very hard in the morning and practically nothing to do in the afternoon.  I have had an easy time since I left France.  From the 6th of June until the 16th of Nov. I was in hospital.  From the 17th of Nov. the 29th of Jan. I was with the 1st C.C.D. and did not do much there, was in hospital two weeks of that time and since I came to the 8th I have only been on parade two days and a half, and on guard one day so you see I really don’t have much to kick about.  I expect they will be running me out on parade soon however.

Would you believe it?  It is twenty months on the 16th since I set sail from Halifax.  It seems longer than that to me; but I think it will all be over in three years and we will all be home.  I hope so.  However, there is a doubt.

Well jack beat me in getting back to France, he came down after I did and has been back quite awhile now.  I believe he went back too soon.  An order came out a while ago that no casualties are to go back until further orders.  It looks as if we are going to have a good long stay in Blighty if I don’t get fed up and want to go back.

Well I was going to write a good long letter but I don’t’ feel like writing this morning so I will close.

Your solider cousin

715346 Pte. N. W. Jackson

58th Battalion; 8th Can. Res.

E. Coy

East Sandling

Kent Co.


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Original Scans

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