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Date: March 1st 1919
John Hudgins

Ripon Camp

March 1st, 1919


Dear Ollie:


Will try and scratch you a few lines tonight as I am on duty and have to sit anyway.  I should wait until tomorrow as I did not get any word from you or Mother this week and it may be along tomorrow, but am afraid if I put it off I won’t get it don’t in time for Monday’s mail.


I got my photos and sent them all to you as I can’t get any cardboard or paper to pack them in.  I only had six printed.  Am sending you four & one of the three of us all dressed different but proper.  We wear the Glengarry with slacks but don’t like it as well as the Bonnet, do you?  Give one to Mum and one to Lib and I don’t give a damn what you do with the other.  Yes give it to Ell.  Reckon he is about the only person left that I would give a tinker’s damn for now.  That is if he wants it, if not burnit.  I suppose he has forgotten I ever existed but we sure have had some good times of it together.  Kelly seems more like a dream.  He isn’t solid enough to stick in a person’s mind over night wha” Well Ollie, I don’t know what the Sam Hill to write you.  Did not ask any questions in your last letter so am stuck.  Am going out to visit to old Abbey tomorrow if it’s fine.  It’s over 100 yrs. Old, but that all the good it will do you for I shan’t be able to tell you a thing about it when I get back!  Will try and get one of the books on it.  That’s the best I can do.  I curse myself everyday for not being able to describe some of my trips for I have seen some sights in the last two years in different places but all I can say is I have been there.  Well enough of that.  How goes the battle?  Have they driven you out of your first line trenches yet?  If so, dig in and try again, never say die as long as you have a round left in your pouch and a bayonet on your rifle, after they are gone us it for a club.  Army and its good medicine.  I can assure you for I have seen it tried.


And I sure would like to see you over here, for I don’t expect to get home much before Xmas at the best.  And I could get leave and take you up to Scot. for a few days at least.  Some hopes eh?  But I got quite excited thinking about your fight.  Reckon the next thing I hear you will be wanting to vote.  By the way we had an old professor give us a lecture on Canada the other night and he says we are going to see a different Can. to what we left when we get back.


Remember I used to say when women got a vote I would go so far out of civilization that it would cost 7c to send me a card.  Well that still stands good.  Me for the tall timber when I get back.  I always was a savage and am afraid am worse now.  And the good Lord deliver one from a country run by women.   That professor made my hair stand you bet.  First thing we know they will be wanting us to do the housework and they will run the country as it should be run.  Fools. 




Original Scans

Original Scans

Letter. Hudgins, John. 1919.03.01 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1919.03.01 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1919.03.01 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1919.03.01 Envelope. Hudgins, John. 1919.03.01