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Date: May 7th 1919
John Hudgins


7th May, 1919


Dear Ollie:


Will try and scratch you a few lines tonight to let you know am in Eng. once more and expect to home by the middle on June if I am lucky.  Was up for “Board” yesterday and they put me off for along “Board” on account of my lungs (gas you know) but I don’t think there is much the matter with them by this time but still it’s orders that we have to have the strict inspection.  So will have to put up with it.  But just the same I don’t like the idea of staying here to undergo treatment.  Give me 8 months in the woods and I’ll guarantee that my lungs will pass for leather for they wasn’t bunged up half as bad as my stomache.  Well we are getting a lot of the boys off on leave tomorrow.  All the short board chaps in fact.  So you see “Long Board: doesn’t mean there is anything the matter with a chap so don’t get excited.  But am afraid it will knock some of my leave in the head.  But suppose the less leave the more money.  Am planning to go up to Scot. again.  Have two invitations but reckon will go back & see my little Highlander in Aberdeen.  Wish you could be here with me for the trip for it ought to be great by this, time it’s so warm.  Some change from Belgium for it rained all the time there and we have only had one storm here since the Bn. Landed.  I guess I didn’t tell you that I was left behind in France so missed the March thru’ London.  But still cannot complain.  I suppose am luck to be here at all but still would sure liked to have been on that march just the same.  Well Ollie I suppose you know whether you are coming on the trip or not by this time.  Hope you won even if it does mean a hard trip.  I think you would enjoy it just he same.  Well I don’t know any news to write. The Lord won’t have many more to write now.  Oh yes had a letter from Aunt Aggie & one from Bell.  Tell Bell I won’t answer hers as will be home so soon.  And thank her for me for writing.  Will have to answer old Auntie’s for she surely must have hurt herself writing.  It was most as big as one of your letters & that is going some eh?  Never mind I like long letters.  Had 8 letters to read when I landed here took me half a day to do it when I should have been working.  Must close for this time.  Will write again before I leave.


PS     no good to answer this as expect to be on the road before it would reach me.



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Original Scans

Letter. Hudgins, John. 1919.05.07 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1919.05.07 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1919.05.07 Envelope. Hudgins, John. 1919.05.07 Envelope. Hudgins, John. 1919.05.07