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Date: September 8th 1917
Mr. Irwin
W.J. Stares

59907. Lce. Corp. W.J. Stares.

6th Can. Reserve Batt.

B. Coy

Seaford. Sussex

Sept 8th 1917.

Dear Mr. Irwin:

Your letter reached me yesterday and I was delighted to receive same.- Your review of the outing at Kash I follow with interest. How I would like to be one of the party on those expeditions I would be at home especially sleeping on a Rock, I am so use to lying on the ground, the first few nights in Hospital I could hardly sleep, very uncomfortable it seemed between sheets, but I soon got to use to it, and now it goes hard sleeping on 3 boards.- I am afraid you do not keep to Military rules allowing singing to go on after “Lights out” still I suppose like us Boys here, we break out occasionally. Scouting to me is the finest thing and Boy could be, it certainly make a man of any one. The weather here has been awfull done nothing but Rain for the last month. I can just picture the boys in Flanders, paddling through the slime.- Knee deep, I have been through it.- The Canadians have had a hard time just lately around Lens, but I do not see any names on the Causilty List so I take it that the Norwood Boys are safe.- No news is Good news. I met Capt. Thompson a couple of weeks ago and had a chat. He has since then gone to France, and to the 21st Battalion. He felt Keene on going, and was pleased that he was going to a good Battalion.

All the Rest of the Boys in Camp are fine Yesterday evening spent the night with Pond, and tonight with Walker (Gideon). I took a course in Map-reading and Topography and passed with full honors. Congratulated by the Colonel.- chance of a Staff job here.- I am feeling fine just now, at times I take bad spells, suppose it is the “Gass” effects, staying with me.- News rather scarce, so will close for this time. Wishing to be remembered to all the Kind Friends.

Yours Sincerely

W.J. Stares.

Original Scans

Original Scans

Stares, William James. Letter. September 8, 1917 Stares, William James. Letter. September 8, 1917