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Date: August 29th 1917


Aug 29 17

Dear Dassy

Just a few lines to let you know your photo came in the parcel alright. It certainly is a fine one and Im quite proud of my youngest sister.

Now I really havent much to tell you, your letters have been arriving more frequently latley. Today I saw that youngster Tom somebody that lived just up the street a little. Remember me telling you of him before. He’s looking well I must say.

Tomorrow or the day following Im going to Paris to see the sights. Now of course it’ll be too late for you to let me know what you want. But if there is any thing I see I think you’ll like I’ll try send it along.

How is the basketball and swimming going. I guess the swimming and sailing will soon be over now.

Do you hear from Marie at all since shes gone to Vancouver, and how are her riding lessons coming along?

There ought to be some good horses in Canada, all the worst are in the army, although I think (if grooming counts for anything), the best should be out here.

How is “Jackie” coming along. You never told me much about her in your previous letter. Please give more detail, wont you? You know she writes me so very seldom and just tells me about you and nothing about herself.

Im sorry I havent had time to write to Jimmy Train but should you see him again tell him I was asking for him will you?

Am working real hard (at times) holding down the safety first job but don’t mind the change at all.

How do you like the house work for a change. Guess it didn’t take you long to get “fedup” eh (especially when the “spondulics” dwindled to nothing did it. Well Dassy must close now, write soon, with best love.

Bro John

Tell Agnes her letter Aug 10 came tonight and was very glad to have it.

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