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Date: July 7th 1916

In the line
Friday. July 7th 1916

My dearest Minnie

Many many thanks for your long expected letter. Sorry I made such a "mistook" about Ena's Brother but I evidently got mixed up with another fellow and who it is now I cannot recollect. Sorry for her that her brother can't get home yet. I'm in the same boat, for that boat wont touch England yet, from all accounts and probably not for three months. Ugh! Awful ain't it?

Yes! I suppose London is excited about the British advance. So are we! Horribly so!

Now that I have Reg Addis address you bet I'll get him. He's near enough if I can only catch his battalion out of the line when I am. I might be lucky and yet I might be weeks before an opportunity arrives, but I'll get him sometime.

I sincerely hope Ma and the boys will pack off to Clacton and so get a good change of air. I think they sadly need it, from all reports lately.

I wish I could go for a stroll when I finish this like you did when you finished yours and under the same circs as you. It's true I'm going for a stroll but it's to get some rations from the transport when it arrives. I don't doubt that our experiences will be pleasant especially if Fritz sends a few souvenirs over. We should worry if he does!

I think I had better mention in this (to save a letter) that I received fathers letter (came last night with yours) and I felt appreciably nearer home as I read it. It really is a great one and words fail to express my thanks to him. I must close now dear as I'm sitting in the open and it's got to dark to proceed.

So with ever so much love to yourself and all at home.

I remain ever your affectionate brother,


This will save me a letter to Mother. Hope she won't mind. Send me a stylo pen will you, Min please. Cheap one of course. Enclosed are some postcards for Allen (sorry haven't large enough envelope up here)

Sat. July 8th

Received Ma's letter this morning and a parcel (nice one) from Auntie Lil. Thanks for Magazine when it arrives; such are always in great demand here and thanks to the YM. We do see some but a Windsor or a Quiver would pass the dismal time.