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Date: August 1918
Aunt Maggie

A Message

I Think when I look at the sky above
That I see two eyes of the one I love
Looking down on me here
And saying so low
Trust in God never fear
As on duty you go

For the duty you'll do
Is as hard as I've done
And my work is all over
While yours is begun
And that right will (crossed out)
But I know you will fight
And that right will proclaim
And may God guide you aright
In his only Son's name

Dear Aunt Maggie
Just a message to tell you that I am praying for you & I know you will be proud as we are for the one who is so grand for he is not dead but sleepeth. Let us thank God that he did his bit for us and pray earnestly that we may fit ourselves to be what he has been in his unselfish love for others.

I know you will understand what I mean Aunt Maggie and I hope my sincerest sympahty & love may comfort you a little.

Your loving neice

This is a little poem (Her Boy) I thought you might cherish it as it was written the same month as he came into his heavenly home in doing for us what we could not do.

Yours G.C.

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Original Scans