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Date: December 30th 1917


My Dearest Alice,

It was a great pleasure for me to receive your lovely parcel yesterday. The contents were excellent. The cake especially was grand. Did you make it? Thank you very much Alice for that pipe. It was just what I wanted. I think you must be a mind reader. You always send me something I need. There was something in your parcel, which was better than all else. Those two kisses for Christmas and New Years. I think they are the best present I have ever had dear. I only wish I could really have them. Somehow lately I have been getting awfully lonely. I don't know why. I often sit and think of you and I long to be back with you again. It seems so long ago when you and I used to be together. Yes Alice, together is the right word, for we were scarcely ever apart were we and yet, we did not learn to know each other. What fools we were, don't you think so? Well how are you little girl? Did you have a good time at Christmas? I hope so, lots of presents, parties and all sorts of good things. I would have loved to send you something but we could not get anything where we were. Never mind. Some other time perhaps. I intend to try and make up for these lost years if I am lucky enough to come home to you again. We are going to have our Christmas dinner on New Year's Day. I guess we will have a good time. I might tell you, that Christmas day we had bully and hard tack. Some feed believe me. By the time you get this, I will be on leave I guess. I am going to enjoy myself and try to see Harold and Syd. I hope I am able to find them and talk over old times. Believe me, I feel it in my bones.

Well dear girl, I have no news for you and I have got to take the tattoo reports so I must close. Will write again soon. May I send you two kisses in return? Give my kind regards to all at home and best wishes to you from one who has tried hard to do right. Goodnight Alice.


Your old and sincere
Friend Bob

P.S. We are resting now.

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Original Scans