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Date: May 2nd 1915

Gunner Hale
1st Battery, 6th Brigade R.F.A.
2nd Division C.E.F.
Moore Barracks


My Dearest Alice,

I have just received a letter today from you, the first one for just two weeks. I was just thinking that you were all on strike. Well better late than never, eh. The weather here is nice now and we are all working hard. So you had a good time down in New York. Well I am so glad you got along well with the folks but you could go anywhere and be O.K. I have wanted to write to Harold but I have not got his address now. So, if you will send it along as soon as possible, I will write to him. I am so glad I got your letter. I was wondering what the trouble was. I am glad you got the candy and like it. I guess by this time you have got the picture I spoke about three times. What do you think of it? And the bracelet, do you like it? Don't forget to let me know if there is any duty to pay. Tell Lily she is not to make herself sick eating that candy. Well dearest Alice, I am going to send you some news now. Last Thursday there were 8,000 Canadians left here for the front. We all went down to see them off. It was great when you see them lined up and know that they are off to the front. Say but there was some cheering. We were all wishing we could go. Well, what do you think of the war now. There was an awful bunch of Canadians killed. It's too bad. I am afraid there will be a great number who will never come back. I hope I am not one of them, don't you dear Alice? Well, yesterday they called for volunteers from our battery for the front. Every man on parade volunteered. They only wanted 50 men so they gave the N.C.O. the first chance. So we will have to wait a while longer. I guess it won't be long now - but we should worry, the sooner the better. Yes dear, you can count on my killing a few for you and some for myself. I am going to try and bring you a souvenir from the battlefield if I can. I hope I live through this and come back to you all well. If I am crippled, you are not going to marry me even if you wanted to because I do not want to be a burden to anyone, especially to a girl like you darling, for you are an angel and so good and pure but what is the use of talking like this if I am going to die. All the talking in the world won't alter it but you will always be in my mind wherever I am. I wonder what Lily Finlay feels like now since Clarie has gone. Have you seen her lately? Has Hobbs enlisted yet? I suppose not. Well we will win this war yet. I am glad I am in it and so are all my sisters and Ma and Pa. Mother said that she had a card from New York and that she has answered it. How is Jock these days? How does he like the army and what does he look like in uniform, some boy! It is getting very cloudy and looks like rain. A. Gordon and myself have got to go on town picquet tonight from 5:15 p.m. till 10:30 p.m. Some job for Sunday night. I have enclosed a small picture of myself, but it is not very good. But still I will send it along. Well little sweetheart, I don't think I have any more to say now so I will close. Remember me to Ma and Pa and Lily and tell them I will write this week. I must get cleaned up now for the picquet. Will write again to you soon. Goodbye darling. Heaps of love and kisses

I remain,
Your Loving boy

There are old friends there are some new
There are some false friends, there are some true
But it matters not to me who my other friends may be
If I have a friend in you

P.s. Pat got your picture from New York but I forgot to tell you that he is going strong with a girl here now and goes home to tea. The other day he was asking me if I thought she was good enough to marry so I told him to please himself - it was his funeral not mine. I would not like to advise anybody on a question like that while this war is on would you Alice? Pat is a little crazy sometimes I think, so we must excuse him but I think he is foolish if he gets married now. He seems to have forgotten all about his girl in Ireland and if I ask him about her he always changes the subject. Well, he won't go to the front anyhow. If he goes across at all he will be in a base hospital so he can have his job for me . But I think he likes the idea himself. Well, goodbye darling.

I remain
Yours with best love


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