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Date: April 13th 1915

Gunner Hale
1st Battery, 6th Brigade F.A.
2nd Division C.E.F.
Moore Barracks


My Dear Alice,

I think I will get a letter from you tomorrow but I am writing tonight because I may have to go on guard tomorrow. Last Sunday, after I wrote to you, as I said we went to stables and one of the boys in our house got bitten. It was funny. The horse caught him by the shoulder and threw him out of the stall. If you had seen him coming out you would have laughed but the lad was hurt but he is getting better now. On Monday we had a long march in the morning. It was nice but we were all tired when we got home. In the afternoon we went over to the gun park and started trench digging. We had lots of fun, but it was hard. We got home from that and A. Gordon, myself and six more were told off for town picquet from 6:30 till 10 o'clock p.m. So we had a big day yesterday but that is because we are duty battery this week. We get up at 5:30 a.m. now but it is nice here in the morning. The duty of the town picquet is to arrest all drunks or any disorderlies. We did not have any trouble so we did not mind. If it had been payday I guess we would have had some work to do. I was on cookhouse fatigue today. I learned quite a few points on washing dishes and greasy pots. I will be able to show you how you do these things when I come back to you dear. I was glad I was on that job today because it rained all day and the gunners went out digging trenches again. When they came home they were wet through and smothered in mud. It is very interesting work and you would be surprised at the trenches. A regular house underground. Quite comfortable I assure you. Well dear, how are you getting on now? All well I hope. I guess you are laying plans for that new dress for the wedding now. Well my dear little girl, I hope you have a real good time when you go to it. Don't worry about me Alice, but enjoy yourself. I had a letter from Mrs. Bird today and she said she would like you to go round to see them a little more. Last Sunday, I think I told you; Pat and I were going to church. Well after supper I waited for him and at last I went to look for him. I found him absolutely plastered. He was in an awful condition. I was disgusted. Well it was too late to go to church so I wrote a letter home and went to bed. The next day I gave him a good lecture, spoke to him just like a father. He said he was sorry but I don't think I made much impression. He has changed a great deal since we left Montreal. You know, the night before we left he got drunk and since then he has been getting worse. But perhaps he may change. I hope he does anyway. It is just about 3:30 p.m. in Montreal now. I guess you are still working dear. We are just going to make some cocoa and toast and then to bed. Well dear Alice, I hope I get a letter from you tomorrow. If I am on guard, I will have it to keep company through the night, so I hope it comes. This is all I have to say now darling. Remember me to all the folks at home and Jock and the rest of the bunch. Goodnight dear, my little Canadian rose.

I remain the same as ever,
With greatest love, your soldier boy Bob
Are you still keeping account of these.

Write to me often write to me soon for letters from you are like roses in June and I shall die if I don't get them

Best love Bobie Goodbye sweetheart of mine

I guess when the wedding comes off we will be at the front. But never mind if we are. Enjoy yourself for life is short and we are a long time dead. Please don't forget me but if we are fighting don't worry because I am coming back to you dear.

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