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Date: November 9th 1917
Sydney Reay

I had a glorious time on my leave. I was in Glasgow and went up to see Loch Lamond, which is certainly a fine lake. On my way back south I called at Ayr and saw Bobbie Burns' cottage and monument, etc. It was all worth seeing too. I saw the room where he was born, and the bed built in the wall made me think of my own little dugout' in France. I am O.K. again after the gassing. It seems I have just got back in time. Our battery certainly had a hot time of it and have since, I hear that another bunch have been gassed, with other casualties. The 10th draft have landed here. They came yesterday Oct. 11th and have been 22 days on the way. It seems that they were held up at Quebec Bridge and a while at Halifax. The only one I knew in the whole bunch was Fred Francy. He looks the same as ever and seems in good health. We had a fine old chat and he is coming into the same Battery that I am in. There are several of the 8th draft here also and in my hut. I was surprised to hear of Mr. Garbutt being back in Canada. When I saw him over in France he did not look very well. He did not know me when I stopped him. We had a chat for a little while and exchanged home news. The Battalion that he was chaplain of was billeted right near us. This sure is some camp and everything is done on the double. My chum is still in the hospital and I guess we will go back together. I hope so. I have met several Cobourg boys, JONES, DON ORR, EWART, NAVIN, SERVICE, ALLAN, FRED BURGE, the two MURPHY's, also many chaps from my old battery. Most of them have c6meover for commissions. We have to be up at 5:30 every morning and get an hour's physical drill before breakfast, then again from 8 to 12, so you will see that we are put to it some. We also have route marches, etc. It is very cold during the night, also in the morning. I am using a candle to see to write by. We have electric wiring, etc. but no power. Some class, eh!
Kindest regards to all friends.
SYDNEY REA Y. C. Battery, 2nd Brigade, C.R.A.; Witley Camp, Surrey, England.